Canyoning Tours and Holidays

Canyoning is an adventure sport that is a passion of those of us at Splash

We were are the forefront of introducing the sport into Scotland and the UK and we now take more people canyoning in the UK than anyone else. We also canyon year round in Morocco. To date we have taken nearly 10000 people canyoning in a safe and fun manner.

Canyoning is a activity that inspires and delivers every time. The region around our mountain Finca base is home to six  great canyons  with the added advantage that the great weather which ensures the canyons are not like some of the ones we work in back home in Scotland!

Canyoning in this area of Spain is also a year round activity. However, although the sun does shine here over 300 days a year when it rains it can rain exceedingly heavy and flash floods are common at these times. You do not want to be in a canyon during these periods. Please ensure you go with experienced canyon guides. This is not a adventure activity that should be tried out on your own!


The list below are canyons that we most commonly use, as time allows we will publish comprehensive guides for each.

1. Barranco del Infierno ( this is a 5-6 hour trip based on 6 people involving 12 abseils and several smaller free climbs/Jumps)

2. Barranc del Sant ( this is a 3-4 hour trip base on 4 people with 9 abseils involved)

3. Barranco de Melo ( this canyon starts at the bottom of Barranco del Sant above, it can be very wet at spring and autumn several short pitches and a 3-4 hour trip for 6 people)

3. Barranc de l’Estret de Penyes ( our local canyon 3 abseils and normally wet all year so fun in the pools. This is a half day trip for groups. Much faster for small numbers)

4.Barranco de Soler ( 3-4hrs with some long abseils)

5. Barranco de les Raboses ( 1-2 hrs a great fun canyon for groups. A few shorty abseils)

6. Barranco de Relleu ( 4 hours plus deep canyon just one abseil but this canyon has no escape route!)


We run canyoning day tours as well as canyoning weekend breaks and also a full week canyoning holiday.

On all our canyoning trips helmets are compulsory at all times on the journey when in the canyon. Buoyancy aids and wetsuits will be worn under our discretion depending on the canyon and weather.  We may test suitability of people for abseiling prior to entering a canyon.
 For those of limited or no canyoning experience we will probably use a lowering system rather than abseiling.


A day of canyoning is £50 per person of £75 per person for fit individuals who want to do two canyons.

A canyoning 3 day break is £300 per person full board ( maximum of 12 people)

A canyoning full week holiday is £725 per person full board. ( maximum of 12 people only suitable for those who are fit and healthy as the days can be long. Good head for heights essential. We also include a via ferrata trip in this week.

If you would like any more information please contact us and we will do our best to help